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Welcome to Social Muse: a first-of-its-kind global community, powered by Web3 to deliver innovative ways for talent and brands to create, collaborate, and earn.

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Social Muse redefines the way content creators engage with brands, businesses, and each other. Using Web3 technology to elevate every engagement, our plans for our close-knit community transcend the offers on the app, taking you to exciting places, spaces, and beyond.

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Exclusive Community

We are a diverse collective of people looking to connect, create and communicate with each other and our global network of brand partners. Our members are at the heart of everything we do.

Global Touch

We know our muses are avid travelers and citizens of the world, so our mission is to give them access to the products and places they love, no matter where they are.

Enhanced Value

We’re championing the creator economy, offering our muses new and innovative ways to get value from their content.

Easy Access

We make it as easy as possible for our muses to collaborate with their favorite local and global brands by removing all the middle men, putting the power back in their hands.