Let influencers come to promote your brand.
No DMs. No paid collabs.

Reach new audiences and generate authentic, engaging content for your brand by collaborating with top local influencers. Create offers, get influencers through your doors today and increase sales.

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How we help our brand partners

Reach new local audiences

Leverage the reach of highly-vetted, local influencers to put your brand in the spotlight. With each influencer's unique followers, your brand will connect with a vast and diverse audience, increasing brand credibility and exposure.

No hassles, no DMs

Say goodbye to the tedious process of reaching out to influencers individually and reclaim your time. With Social Muse, they come to you.

Authentic content on tap

No more staged, cookie-cutter promotions. Our influencers share real experiences with your brand, creating genuine, engaging content that resonates with their followers. Leverage this content across paid search, socials, and your brand pages, augmenting your marketing strategy.

Cost-effective marketing

Cut down on high-cost marketing campaigns. By inviting influencers to experience your brand, you get valuable promotion at a fraction of the cost of traditional influencer collaborations or paid media campaigns.

How it works

Your partner in success. Social Muse provides a fully managed influencer marketing service to promote your brand.

Design your campaigns

Collaborate with your dedicated Campaign Success Manager to set goals, target the right audience, and create compelling offers.

Engage influencers

Like a VIP backstage pass, your offer goes straight to the influencers who match your goals. They become your venue's guests and experience your brand.

Boost your brand

Our influencers craft original, captivating content that highlights your brand, sharing their experience with their followers, driving awareness and sales.

Track results

Access your dashboard to get insights into your campaign’s performance, including reach, engagement & conversions. Dig deeper by exploring your audience demographics and user-generated content.

Improve continuously

Using these insights, your dedicated Campaign Success Manager will review what’s working and what’s not and provide actionable insights to optimise your future campaigns and marketing strategies.

Our guarantee

We’re so confident in our results that you only pay when influencers come and share their experience about your brand. No long-term commitments. No complicated pricing. Pay only for results.

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Join our vibrant community: where influencers & brands collaborate

Social Muse is home to a thriving network of unique brands and passionate influencers. Our platform is designed to foster ongoing relationships between brands and influencers, leading to repeat collaborations and sustained growth.

Our brands, from local businesses to global giants, want to share their stories and grow their audience. They're visionaries in fields as varied as fine dining, event planning, or artisanal coffee brewing.

Our influencers? They're foodies, tech buffs, travel enthusiasts, and fashionistas. They resonate deeply with their followers, and are always looking for experiences that chime with their own values and lifestyle.

Through Social Muse, brands extend unique offers and experiences to influencers, who in return amplify the brand's reach by sharing their authentic experiences with their followers. It's a cycle of mutual growth and partnership for the long-term.

Come, join us at Social Muse — a space where stories are shared, experiences are lived, and growth is a shared journey.

We cater for brands in a wide range of industries

The applications are endless. Discover just some of the ways that influencers can promote your brand.

Grab & Go

Invite influencers to redeem a meal of the day and share their experience with their followers. Special edition food items or new launch promotions could also be leveraged to create a buzz.

Coffee Shops

Host an exclusive coffee tasting or barista training session for influencers. Provide them with a new blend or a special edition coffee to promote on their channels.


Offer a 'Chef's Table' experience or an exclusive tasting menu for influencers. They can also promote specific themes or events like a 'Seafood Fest' or 'Sunday Brunch'.

Cocktail Bars

Let influencers participate in a cocktail creation contest and promote their own signature drink. Host exclusive 'Mixology Nights' or 'Cocktail Festivals' for them to attend and share.


Offer influencers the chance to trial a new fitness class or participate in a fitness challenge. They could promote specific fitness packages or memberships to their followers.

Fashion & Beauty

Invite influencers for a backstage experience during a product launch or fashion show. Allow them to preview, try and review your new beauty line.


Offer influencers a VIP experience at your nightclub or bar. They can share their night out experience, promoting the ambience, music and venue as the hot/ spot / in place to be.


Give influencers exclusive access to cover grand openings, theme nights, or special celebrations. Their coverage can help increase event attendance and awareness.