Social Muse redefines the way content creators engage with brands, businesses, and each other. Using Web3 technology to elevate every engagement, our plans for our close-knit community transcend the offers on the app, taking you to exciting places, spaces, and beyond.
Campaigns & Analytics
Building campaigns and collaborating with talent has never been easier. Our proprietary technology offers businesses a seamless, efficient, and data-driven approach that enables achievement of specific marketing goals.
Targeted Marketing
We enable partners to tailor each campaign for individual marketing needs, by creating bespoke talent fulfillment requirements varying from audience size, geographical location, key interests and more.
Added Value
Our brand partners enjoy increased awareness across key target audiences, enabling them to generate new business leads through our talent and their followers.
Rewards System
We encourage talent to interact with brands by rewarding every engagement through a unique incentivisation tool.
Global Network
Social Muse is a global network of the best businesses, brands, and creators. From local boutiques through to household names, we represent the best.
Market Growth
With Social Muse, our partners can promote digital offers for their products or services to a global community, helping grow their brand in new and untapped markets.